Our services

Aggrator offers Basic and Extended Services to facilitate value creation in the startups and scale ups at our incubator.

Basic services shall cover immediate needs that almost any startup has, right from the start. These services are included in our fixed, monthly fee and are partially subsidized by SIVA.

Extended Services on the other hand are services that startups or scale ups may need along the way when establishing their operations and growing them.

Basic services

All startups and scale ups in our portfolio are assigned to an Account Manager and a Mentor, selected according to the company’s specific needs.

Mentors are independent top-class experienced professionals with background from different industries, startups, academia and even investment entities. 

A Mentor’s mission is to help entrepreneurs in their decision making process and to contribute to the rapid development of their companies by means of their competence, experience, and their network of professionals, investors and even potential customers.

Account Managers are Aggrator employees that have the overall responsibility for the successful development and value creation in the startups or scale ups, the companies at Aggrator. Their mission is to support these companies and their mentors by providing additional help when needed by removing obstacles, identifying synergies between companies at our incubator and by any other means. 

Companies at Aggrator, Mentors and Account Managers meet on a regular basis – usually once a month – in order to assess the progress of the company, discuss next steps, and prepare it for the next investment round.

Account Managers and Mentors are the spine of our organization and the funnel Aggrator uses to deliver all Basic Services:

Promotion and PR
Monthly incubator events featuring useful content and providing networking opportunities.
Networking with other relevant companies in the incubator, a proven way of creating synergies
Access to the research community at Ås, like NMBU, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe within agriculture and life sciences.
Access to policy makers in major established corporations in the industry

…and soon a co-working space

extended services

Extended Services are offered by our Preferred Service Partners to startups and scaleups at Aggrator at discounted prices. Our preferential  agreement with these Preferred Service Partners make them available quickly and on demand to companies at Aggrator.

Aggrator selects these partners based on the width and depth of their portfolio of services, track record, previous experience with startups and even their geographical presence. Currently, our ever growing collection of Extended Services includes the following:

Prototyping and manufacturing
Brand building and Communications
Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
Accounting and Human Resources
App development
Growth strategy and internationalization
Access to Internships

Preferred service partners