Our services

Aggrator Inkubator Ås offers Basic and Extended services to facilitate value creation in our portfolio companies.

Basic Services are included in our fixed, monthly fee.

Extended Services are offered by our mentors or other third parties. 
Extended Service deliveries and prices are agreed with the portfolio company in each case.

Basic services

Incubator events with professional content and networking opportunities.

Facilitation of contact with other relevant Portfolio Companies in the incubator.

Facilitating contact with policy makers in major established Companies in the industry.

Facilitation of contact with the research community at Ås.

Dedicated mentor for sparring, guidance and follow-up.

Preparation and publication of news about the Portfolio Company – help to promotion the Portfolio Company through Aggrator marketing and promotion channels.

extended services

Business modeling

Market analysis

Business Plan

Business case modeling

Profiling, public relations and crisis management

Marketing and sales strategy

Product strategy design

Product strategy- industrialization and manufacturing

Management and organizational development

Recruitment of new expertise and new roles 

Financing Assistance and Financing Plan

Assistance in application processes, for example towards public funding

Assistance in procurement for operational services such as IP strategy, patenting, legal, IT infrastructure, Cloud and other IT services…