BioCHOS is developing plant protection products containing antifungal chitosan oligomers. The company was established in 2013 and is a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Deep River works with NMBU and NTNU to develop global hydropower solutions and efficient design of hydro turbines to exploit slow-moving water. Their products are based on container modules developed for standardized production of renewable energy to harness the energy of rivers more efficiently.

Disruptive Engineering develops advanced road sensor systems that enhance intelligent transportation systems (ITS) within infrastructure for increased safety, mobility and reduced emission. The technology can be applied to areas such as tunnel and traffic management and city planning.

Thorvald is an autonomous modular robot for agriculture developed by Saga Robotics. It performs various tasks such as light treatment for disease management, picking fruits and vegetables, spraying and data collection/crop prediction.

LCA.no is a provider of cloud based tools and services for environmental documentation and innovation. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the basis for all their tools and analyzes. The tools use research-based data, making the development of environmental documentation and analyzes effective and resource-saving.

JOR is transforming agriculture and the global food system for 
a sustainable tomorrow with their indoor food production. Using leading Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology they produce high quality fruits, berries and vegetables.

eMotive Technology has developed an universal li-on battery bag for mobile use, in places such as boats and houses without electricity supply.

N2 enables the farmer to recycle nitrogen and produce their own fertilizer with lower greenhouse gas emissions, improved resource efficiency and reduced costs.

PLAATO has developed IOT sensors to monitor beer brewing, for both home brewing and professional producers. Their products measures the CO2 produced in the brew to estimate the gravity throughout the whole fermentation process.

Augvald developes the next generation pollution sensing technology, by using chemical sensor to give an accurate picture of air quality at a street-by-street level. 

Nxtech is a tech company with various activities, aiming to develop radio labelling on fishing nets and trap

Aventi develops information and communication technology for improved navigation, predictability and safety in infrastructure and mobility. The company works with a number of projects on transportation technology and autonomous vehicles.

Einer uses AI camera technology to identify each individual fish in fish farms and fish ladders. 

Noronn has developed an automated strawberry harvester, especially designed to pick berries fast, accurately and with care. The berries are recognized and categorized with the use of machine vision and Artificial Intelligence. 

Agrosense optimizes fertilization by using satellite data. Drone photos and satellite maps are used to help farmers optimize their production.

Air Toolbox is a robot for maintenance of overhead power lines. 

Norway’s largest strawberry farmer has developed a sauna for plants, which removes mildew and fungus. This increases the strawberry production by 30% and prevents mildew break-outs which ruin the crops.

Norske moseprodukter harvest lichen and moss from Norwegian forests for decoration purposes. They export their products to all major parts of the world.


Soil Steam International AS is the first company in the world that has managed to steam soil up to 30 cm deep in a sustainable and efficient way. Steaming the soil gives up to 50% more growth and allows food production without pesticides.