New type pyrolysis reactor that converts biomass til energy, heat and carbon-neutral biofuel

IoT based platform and proprietary algorithms helping farmers to manage and maximise crop yield

Water oxygen enrichment technology that accelerates growth in vegetables

Robots for maintenance of overhead high voltage power lines

First platform for intelligent Traffic Systems based on open EU-approved standards

Vertical farming equipment based on interchangeable standard elements and AI based optimization of crop yield

Collapsible toilet seat aimed at assisting people with digestive problems

Parent company for BioVekst, creating value from natural resources in the Halden region.

Nutritionals based on raw produce for the industrial and consumer markets

Stronger and lighter laminate for furniture components

Product development and project management of test programs for the EV & e-mobility industry

Large-scale indoor vertical farming

Agricultural robot using AI to identify and kill weeds by spraying single drops of herbicide through a patented nozzle

Life Cycle Analysis and Consultancy

Mycelium (a type of mushroom) based plastic substitutes 100% compostable and degradable

Consultancy services on Product Development and Project Management 

High quality fertiliser at low emissions using only slurry, air and electricity

Smart equipment for monitoring of beer brewing data for home and professional use

Water-vapor chambers sterilizes plants in a controlled temperature environment that exterminates all harmful pests without harming the plant

Autonomous modular robots for agriculture

Smart glasses delivering information on the user’s training performance in real time

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable pesticides for apple trees and other fruit trees

Development of tower systems for water filtration and cleaning in urban environments.

Transportable compact, lightweight, and powerful battery packs for environmentally friendly and robust energy storage

Noise reduction solutions for offshore, marine and land-based global markets.


Aggrator has contributed significantly to the success of several well respected companies in Norway during their establishment and growth phases.