N2 Applied obtains recognition in the global biogas industry

Aggrator portfolio company N2 Applied with their unique climate friendly manure nitrogen enrichment technology have been recognised at the annual World Biogas Summit. The 2020 summit held online 6th-8th October with more than 500 participants focused on environmental benefits and potential carbon footprint reductions the sector could achieve.

World Biogas Association president David Newman echoed this important message:
“We need to do so much more, so much more quickly, if we are to meet the climate targets, we have set ourselves”.

During the summit, N2 Applied was awarded Highly Commended for ‘Clever Use of Outputs & By-products’.

Aggrator congratulates N2 Applied with the award and hopes it will be an encouragement to develop their unique technology increasing the effect of fertilisers, reducing local pollution and climate impact to contribute to a cleaner, better world. 

Read more about N2 Applied and their solution at n2applied.com