e-Motive Technology establishes Versabatt

Upon successful testing of the Versabatt battery system for marine e-propulsion systems with boat manufacturer Cipax, Aggrator portfolio company e-Motive Technology establishes Versabatt AS. Versabatt willstart production of their versatile battery concept for marine, e-mobility, agritech and off-grid applications.

The testing resulted in a pilot agreement with Cipax, manufacturer of Pioneer boats, pilot agreements with Farco which provides marine and off-grid electrification systems, and Aggrator portfolio company Saga Robotics for use in their agritech robots. 

Versabatt is currently producing a 20 battery pack pilot series for testing with their partners, and is looking for investors to raise USD 500.000 to 1 million to fund serial production.

Versabatt: www.versabatt.no