Launching Mentoring Program in Aggrator

20 Mentors Will Escalate Aggrator’s Portfolio Companies

2020 is an exciting year in Aggrator and this year we are introducing our brand new Mentoring Program!

Through this program 20 mentors from different segments of Norwegian businesses and industries will share their expertise and insights. This will be a huge step forwards for our portfolio companies, which can benefit from the mentors experiences and network, to create value and business opportunities.

The mentors have a wide set of skills ranging from brand building to IPR and legalities. Among the mentors are high profile figures such as Kjersti Jamne, CMO in Telia and Mario Ek Aparicio, specialist in Lean startup from his experience in Vipps.

January 28th, the mentors gathered for the first time at the Launch of the Mentor Program, the first of many opportunities to meet and network across segments and industries. The mentors will be assigned to a startup from our portfolio and we expect to have most of them operating already by the middle of February.